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[8] my vagina

7 Sep

my vagina is a cat

although I don’t much like cats

my vagina is a ‘fraidy cat

black halloween cat

back arched tail stiff and twitching

but sometimes

it nestles up to you and purrs


[7] my vagina

26 Apr

Before you know it,

I might swallow you whole.

[6] my vagina

4 Apr

I say: “bumps”

My vagina says: “flourishes”

I say: “skin tags”

My vagina says: “petals”

[5] my vagina

8 Mar

My vagina is a pocket

secret love notes

receipts and

loose change

[4] my vagina

28 Feb

is a really expert-level sudoku puzzle

can’t quite

figure it out

[3] my vagina

7 Feb

wakes up


and wants to be close.

[2] my vagina

22 Jan

had a dream last night

that i looked down

it was wide open on one side

twisted bundle on the other

and i realized

people were staring