Is this that bit about all things working together for good?

13 Sep

I’ve about a hundred pages to read by lunch tomorrow, but I had to give a quick update on the treatment front. I am SO grateful to have found my physiotherapist. Things are looking up. I’ve only met with her three times, and already there has been a huge improvement in my muscle tension. I’m on a break from intercourse for a few more weeks probably – we don’t want to traumatize my pelvic floor and set back my progress. BUT! I’m getting better!

That is the first bit of amazing news.

The second bit of amazing news is that we received an anonymous card passed to us through our pastor this week. Inside was the money needed for one month’s worth of physio. So, um, we are pretty thankful to God and whoever gave us that money. And, um, I’m feeling pretty humbled and like I should really be addressing my anxiety over this issue. I can’t let my pelvic pain define my relationship, my identity or my frame of mind.

In other news, it seems like my vestibulitis may be pretty much cleared up. I haven’t had much trouble with superficial pain. Gradually, my body’s issues are getting cleared up. One at a time.


One Response to “Is this that bit about all things working together for good?”

  1. Carrie September 16, 2011 at 12:29 am #

    This is fantastic news! I am happy for you 🙂

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