Workin’ it out

30 Aug

Yes, the last post was a downer. We’ve had a crazy few weeks here, and we are both processing. But there is progress! We are working on it.

I went to physio yesterday. It was really good. The physiotherapist specializes in pelvic issues and she was great. Finally I felt like someone was really paying attention to the specifics of my condition, not just giving me a blanket diagnosis with general advice. She spent the whole hour doing diagnostic work: asking lots of questions, poking and prodding me, observing my posture and movements, doing stretches. I will admit that I was pretty sore afterward. She was able to pinpoint a handful of areas that are carrying extreme tension – mainly my quads, inner hips and various parts of my pelvic floor. I have a 1/2 hour session scheduled for tomorrow where she will begin teaching me some exercises to target the problem areas. I am feeling great about this clinic and really optimistic about my chances of making progress in this course of treatment!


There is always a but, isn’t there?

It’s expensive. And after tomorrow (literally – tomorrow is the last day!) we won’t have any health coverage. Well, actually we will have a teeny tiny bit but it won’t cover these treatments (or much of anything, to be honest). I am so grateful to live in a country that has universal health care, however there are some things that we have to pay out of pocket for, and this is one of them. My husband is underemployed right now and I am going back to school in 2 weeks! So, the timing sucks. We are going to have to think hard about what to do. The physiotherapist suggests I go once a week but says I could go every second week and still see some benefit. Basically, if I go any less frequently than that, there is not much point since whatever progress has been made will be lost before the next treatment. Laaame. I really don’t know what to do. We are honestly barely making ends meet right now. On the other hand, this is about my health and the health of our marriage – both worth prioritizing. We have some praying and thinking and talking to do, I guess.



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